Belt & Hose Replacement

Part of the overall maintenance of a vehicle is to check and monitor the belts and hoses.  The timing belt, for example, controls the timing of the engine’s valves.  These belts must be replaced every so often at the manufacturer’s recommended distance or time period.  A failure to replace the belt results in a vehicle breakdown or complete engine failure.  If you’re unsure when it needs to be replaced, bring in your vehicle and we’ll have it checked to make sure it is not in danger of failing.

As part of the vehicle maintenance we’ll also check the hoses to make sure there are no rips or holes in them leading to fluid leakage.  In the case of both belts and hoses, we’ll check, repair or replace any part that requires attention.  General checks are done during normal maintenance, but in the case of an emergency, feel free to bring in your vehicle or call and set up an appointment with AV Bumper to Bumper to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible.