Diagnostic Testing

We Make Sure You're Running Properly

AV Bumper to Bumper provides expert diagnostics for:

Although drivers will be the first to notice when something is amiss with their vehicle, it takes a well-trained expert to diagnose the exact problem. Properly identifying and rectifying the issue the first time will save vehicle owners time and money. The last thing that you want to do is pay for an unnecessary repair service that does not correct the underlying issue.

AV Bumper to Bumper provides expert diagnostic testing to help find a series of common car issues, including electrical issues, check engine light warnings and problems with the brakes. We can provide answers that explain any strange noises, rattles or vibrations that your car makes.

Keep in mind, the sooner your car is looked at, the better off you will be and the more money you will save. Auto diagnostics is not only meant to find the problem, but is also used to help prevent additional problems from happening or getting worse. When something is wrong with your car or automobile, it tends to wear on other parts which will lead to more money spent in the future.
To avoid any additional costly repair, we recommend a regular auto diagnostic test every couple months. Stop by our shop or contact us for an appointment to have one of our experts properly detect your car’s issue.

  • Check engine lights (SES)
  • ABS lights
  • Computer code reading
  • SRS lights (air bag)
  • Tire pressure lights
  • TCS lights
  • Electrical
  • Rattles, vibrations, squeaks
  • A/C problems
  • Misfires, sputters, coughs
  • Brake inspection
  • Head and block pressure testing
  • Unusual Noises
  • Transmission electrical diagnostics