Car Battery Service

Your car battery is essential, not only to start your car, but also to support functions like windshield wipers, overhead lights and dashboard lights, heated seats, headlights and much more. Over time, all car batteries inevitably wear out and they should be replaced regularly to prevent problems or shutdowns. At AV Bumper to Bumper, we provide car battery testing, replacement and installation services for customers in Lancaster, California to keep your vehicle running properly.

The battery is the most common culprit when it comes to problems starting your car or keeping accessory functions sustained. If you find yourself often struggling to start your car in the morning or if you find you have to jump start your car regularly, it may be a sign of a failing battery or problem with another electrical component in your vehicle.

At AV Bumper to Bumper, the team at our Lancaster repair shop can perform car battery testing to identify the problem and solve it. Whether your battery is dead or dying, an electrical connection has failed or your alternator is having issues, our team will get to the bottom of the issue. If we determine the problem is your battery, our car battery replacement and installation service will get your vehicle recharged and eliminate your issues.

Don’t let your vehicle make you late for work, leave you stranded on the side of the road, or cause other inconveniences. Schedule a car battery service appointment with AV Bumper to Bumper in Lancaster and let our car battery testing service identify the problem and solve it for you. Call us today at 661-949-1999 to make an appointment.