About AV Bumper to Bumper

In the year 2000, Ed Fawcett established AV Bumper to Bumper as an auto repair and machine shop that’s been more than reputable ever since. Established firmly on the foundation of simple, quality work at a fair price, AV Bumper to Bumper is run by the Fawcett family, including an ASE Certified machinist, auto Master Technician and an ASE Certified Master Technician with a combined 80 years’ experience. But we are not just mechanics; we are machinists as well.

What Is A Machinist?

A machinist is someone who has an extensive knowledge of vehicles, their workings, how to spot problems and how to repair thm. Machinists are precision workers who know how to best handle the many systems that are a part of any vehicle so that when you need your vehicle repaired, you get the highest quality of repairs.

You could come in to us for Palmdale CA auto repair services, transmission repairtruck tune ups, Clutch repair, or AC repair services. It does not matter what type of repairs you come to us for. You are going to get skilled machinists completing repairs that will have your vehicle working at its best as soon as possible.

We Work On Almost All Makes and Models

We service all but a very limited number of vehicle makes and models. Regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, you should have access to quality, affordable vehicle repair services no matter what make or model you have. Whether your Ford truck needs transmission service or your Toyota Camry needs a full tune up, AV Bumper to Bumper can help.

Our Palmdale CA auto repair services are designed to make the repair process as pleasant as possible for you, our client. We diagnose problems quickly, fix them with the combination of speed and precision that can only come from experience, and we do it all at the right price. Whatever make or model vehicle you have we can thoroughly repair it to the utmost standards. Your satisfaction is our number one priority so we do the job right every time.