Alternator Repair Services

A vehicle’s alternator is essential to every electrical function in the car, from starting it to operating the lights and even the radio. A malfunctioning alternator will put too much strain on the car’s battery and sap its power, quickly resulting in a car that won’t start. Some alternator problems can be easily fixed and others may require replacing the unit entirely, but catching the problem early and bringing the car to an expert repair shop is the best way to prevent long-term damages or big expenses.

AV Bumper to Bumper provides auto alternator repair and replacement services in Lancaster, California for all types of vehicles and all types of problems, so you don’t have to worry about a dead battery.

The alternator is responsible for delivering power back into to your electrical system and takes the strain off the battery, which provides the initial electrical charge to start your vehicle and operate electronics when your engine isn’t running. Many alternator issues are often mistaken for battery problems, but replacing the battery won’t solve problems with an alternator.

The most obvious symptom of an alternator issue is an alert light on your dashboard, showing ALT, GEN or a green battery icon. If the sensor powering the alert light isn’t working, you may also notice your headlights dimming, slow windshield wipers or other functions, like heated seats or your radio failing to work properly. As these functions compete for energy, some will begin to have problems. With complete auto alternator repair and replacement services from AV Bumper to Bumper, we will stop these problems and provide you with a reliable and lasting solution.

If you notice the smell of burning rubber or burning electrical wires, this can also be a sign of a misaligned belt or an overheating alternator, and should be addressed right away. If you suspect your car or truck is having alternator issues, schedule a repair appointment with AV Bumper to Bumper today by calling 661-949-1999.