Engine Repair Services

The engine in your vehicle is like a jazz orchestra; everything needs to be working together properly or you’ll have inevitable issues heading your way.

Your car’s engine burns gasoline to create energy to move your car and power its different systems. Engine issues can cause a host of problems for your vehicle, and may prevent your car from being drivable. What are some of the warning signs that indicate your vehicle is experiencing engine problems?

Signs You Have Engine Problems

Perhaps the most obvious warning sign of engine trouble is the activation of your check engine light. Your check engine light is uniquely designed to let drivers know something is amiss; if yours comes on, you should bring it to a professional who can read the code to determine what the possible problems could be.

Other signs that could indicate you have engine issues include engine stalling, shaking or a loss of power when accelerating your vehicle. In addition, if your car is overheating or smoky, it could be a sign of problems, as could strange odors and noises emanating from your engine.

Engine Repair & Maintenance Services

AV Bumper to Bumper has helped countless customers solve their engine issues. We offer an assortment of engine repair services, including complete engine overhauls and replacements. If your check engine light is on, we can perform a drivability diagnosis. Regardless of the issue, we will work with you to find the best solution for your vehicle.

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