Fuel and Exhaust Services in Lancaster, CA

Many vehicle owners incorrectly assume the most important job of their exhaust system is to reduce the noise of their car. After all, no one wants to be the driver you can hear three blocks away because he or she is in serious need of a new muffler.

In addition to reducing noise, your exhaust system also prevents toxic gases and emissions from entering the atmosphere. Oxygen sensors will detect the gases before they are processed by the catalytic converter, and then your muffler stifles the emissions. Ultimately, rather than releasing emissions that could be harmful to the environment, the exhaust system finds a place to suppress harmful gases, reducing pollution and your carbon footprint in the process.

Exhaust System Repairs

If you begin hearing a loud noise when your press on your gas pedal or you begin smelling a foul odor from your exhaust system, then you should have it looked at by a professional.

Located in Lancaster, CA, AV Bumper to Bumper offers exhaust system services and repairs. Whether you need a new muffler, exhaust system pipe, or another component for your vehicle, we will make sure your exhaust system is functioning as it should, and that you’re not the driver people can seemingly hear a mile away!

AV Bumper to Bumper is a family owned business that specializes in a wide range of auto repair services. We can provide an emissions test, clean your fuel system or make needed repairs to your exhaust system and muffler, among many other things. To make an appointment with us or to inquire more about our exhaust system services, contact us today.