Auto Repair in Palmdale CA

AV Bumper to Bumper auto shop has built a sterling reputation by offering superior car maintenance and repair services. Our mechanics have years of industry experience, and possess the expertise needed to properly diagnose your vehicle’s problem and fix it correctly the first time.

Examples of our maintenance services include oil changes, coolant flushes and battery replacements.  Other common auto repair services we perform include brake repairs, belt and hose repairs and windshield wiper replacements. We can also make sure your air conditioning is working properly, a necessity during the hot summer days. Additionally, we can take care of minor issues such as burnt out lights, spark plug replacements and fuel filter problems.

Regardless of the issue your vehicle encounters, AV Bumper to Bumper can perform a diagnostic test and figure out where your squeak or rattle is coming from, or why your check engine light is flashing.  Additionally, we can perform a variety of larger jobs, including transmission repairs. One of our expert mechanics will assess what the specific problem is with your transmission, and then we can do anything from minor tune-ups to complete transmission overhauls. In fact, we even offer custom transmission modifications on standard and heavy-duty clutches.

In addition to our custom services, we can change the fluid and filter on any type of transmission, perform an electrical diagnostic test and CVT service. We also provide shift kits and work on work on trans brakes.

Another service we are renowned for is our 4X4 custom work. There are many jobs under this service umbrella, including repairs and custom alterations for essentially any vehicle with a motor, including boats, RVs, motorcycles and ATVs. Racecar drivers, hot rod collectors and individuals seeking optimal performance for their everyday car come to us to increase their engine’s performance and get their system working impeccably. We can perform diagnostic tests to improve their vehicle’s timing and provide carburetor and fuel injections.

Similarly, we promote optimal performance for monster trucks, mud trucks and off road vehicles through a variety of services. Our services include lift kits and transfer cases, as well as common and custom axels and drive shafts. What’s more, we can work on differential gears, universal joints and hubs.

For drivers preparing for a cross-country trip, we can get your RV or motor home in peak condition by ensuring the air conditioning is properly working, the transmission is on point, the engine is performing at its peak, and all fluids are filled.

In addition to our many vehicle services, we also perform non-car specialty work on machines.  As an ASE certified business, we help businesses get their machines running efficiently through an assortment of services, including machine rotor work, valve jobs and exhaust projects.

If you are having car trouble in Palmdale, California, give one of our experts a call.  We will make sure your problem is fixed, and your car is working at optimal performance.