Auto Repair in Quartz Hill CA

One of the most important aspects of owning a vehicle is finding an expert who can work on it when it needs repairs, improvements and upgrades.  A vehicle is a significant investment, and the last thing an owner wants is for their car to break down prematurely because they didn’t have the right people working on it.

Fortunately, vehicle owners in Quartz Hill, California have AV Bumper to Bumper, a reputable auto repair shop they can depend on.  Our business offers a myriad of common auto repair services, including oil changes, tune-ups, air conditioning repairs and more. Whether your car needs its fuel filter replaced, or needs a new battery, our business will make certain your needs are met, and your vehicle is safe to drive.

Not only can AV Bumper to Bumper repair common vehicle issues, our versatile staff also has the skills and resources needed to perform an array of custom jobs.  Our custom work portfolio is extensive, as we have optimized everything from boats to monster trucks.  Essentially, if it has a motor, we can help you achieve optimal performance.

For cars, hot rods and racecars, we can increase engine performance, dial in the engine, and help you get the timing correct.  Moreover, we can perform diagnostics to make sure all systems are functioning correctly, as well as carburetor and fuel injections.

Meanwhile, if you own an off road vehicle such as an ATV, or a monster or mud truck, we are able to perform a slew of lifts, including suspension and body lifts.  We will also incorporate custom and common drive shafts and axels, and customize universal joints and hubs.

Additionally, we can tune-up your mobile home or RV, and provide maintenance services such as fluid changes, air conditioning repairs and transmission services.  We can also make sure your engine is running at peak performance.

Another area we specialize in is transmission repairs.  We offer transmission diagnostics, custom modifications and typical transmission services such as fluid and filter changes.  Regardless if you have a standard or a heavy-duty clutch, we can do an electrical transmission diagnostic test, or a complete overhaul. Shift kits, trans brakes and CVT services are also available.

Lastly, our business can perform non-car machine work.  Whether your machine needs press work, an exhaust system overhaul or a fuel injection, our expert mechanics can take care of it, and have your machine functioning properly again.  Other machine repair services include rotor repairs, valve jobs and welding services.

Give us a call if you have any questions about our services or if you would like to discuss a specific problem your vehicle or machine has encountered.