Does my Car Need Axel Repairs?

Car axle repairsThe axles in your car, truck, or SUV have a very important job. They’re responsible for taking power from your transmission and transferring it to your wheels so that your vehicle moves forward when you’re driving. If your axles aren’t working properly, it’ll often make it hard for you and your vehicle to move optimally. Here are a few signs that’ll let you know it’s time to take your vehicle into the shop for axle repairs.

Your vehicle is vibrating a lot.

Has your vehicle been vibrating non-stop ever since you drove over a big pothole or accidentally ran into a curb? This could be because you did damage to an axle. A broken or bent axle will often cause your entire car to vibrate when you’re riding down the road. In addition to vibrations, you may also hear a rumbling sound coming from underneath your car when an axle breaks. Your car may drive sluggishly as well and even wobble around when you’re making turns or trying to pick up speed.

Your vehicle makes loud clanking or clicking sounds when you’re driving it.

It’s never good when you hear your vehicle making loud clanking or clicking sounds. It can mean that your car is dealing with any number of issues. If your car is clanking or clicking, your axles could be having trouble sending power to your wheels. But it could also be an issue with your transmission. It’s best to have your vehicle looked at right away to identify the source of the sounds you’re hearing.

Your vehicle has grease leaking underneath of it.

Have you noticed grease leaking out of your car when it’s parked? This could be an indication of a leaking axle boot. Just because your axle boot is leaking doesn’t mean your axle is shot. However, a lack of grease can cause complications for your car’s axles if you’re not careful. You can have your axle boot repaired to prevent further problems with your axle system.

If you suspect your vehicle might need axle repair, AV Bumper to Bumper can set you up with it. We can provide you with the front and rear car axle repair and replacement services you need to get your axles working the way they should again. Call us at 661-949-1999 today to make an appointment.

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