Routine Vehicle Maintenance Tips

As we begin a new season, it’s important to conduct routine vehicle maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns. If you notice anything unusual coming from your vehicle, such as shaking, odd smells, or strange sounds, you should always get your car checked by a professional.

However, sometimes your vehicle won’t indicate that something is wrong, which is why it’s essential to take preventative measures, like routine maintenance checks. A great time to schedule your routine maintenance check is at the beginning of each season. Regular inspections help keep your vehicle running smoothly and helps save you from spending money on more significant repairs.

Here are a few routine vehicle checks you should look into this summer.

Routine Vehicle Checks in California

Changing your Oil and Oil Filter

Clean oil is needed to help your car run efficiently. Oil serves as a lubricant that keeps the parts of your engine from grinding against each other. To keep from damaging your engine, you should have your oil changed every 3,000 to 10,000 miles depending on your vehicle.

Check Your Car Tires Monthly

Your tires are one of the most important factors of keeping your car running smoothly on the road. To ensure that your tires can support your vehicle and do their job, they need to be properly inflated and aligned. Over time your car can wear tread unevenly, which causes your tires to move from where they’re placed on your vehicle. When your tires aren’t lined up properly, it could eventually lead to problems with your steering. It’s important to remember to have your tires regularly rotated so that they wear evenly on both sides!

Inspect Your Timing Belt

The timing belt is critical to the operation of your engine. It plays a significant role in how well your engine functions. If your timing belt stops working, you may notice grinding and friction, leading to significant, costly repairs for your engine. Even if you’re not quite ready to replace your timing belt, it helps to have it looked at every year to make sure everything is running smoothly!

The summer is the perfect time to take routine checks on your vehicle, and AV Bumper to Bumper is here to help you! Call us at 661-949-1999 to ask us any questions or to schedule an appointment for your car! We’re here to help keep your vehicle running smoothly and keep you safe on the road.

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