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3 Causes of Low Engine Oil

Oil Changes in California

Without engine oil, your car wouldn’t be able to run. If you’re driving and you notice a warning light appear on your car’s dashboard, check to see if it is a sign that indicates low engine oil. If you see a warning light, don’t ignore it. When your oil level is too low, it prevents… Read more »

What Would Happen If You Never Changed Your Oil?

Fluid is extremely important to any machine, or body, that generates a lot of heat. Think of it this way, if our body suddenly lost all its water content, it would literally start to melt in minutes. Fluids regulate temperature in things. So in a car, oil works well in keeping the engine relatively cool. On the contrary,… Read more »

The 3,000 Mile Oil Change

For years the general standard for oil changes is every 3,000 miles or 3 months.  It’s something almost every vehicle repair and maintenance shop recommends for most vehicles.  Of course, there are some objections to the rule.  In Volkswagen Group vehicles, a petrol engine can go up to 2 years or approximately 18,600 miles, and a… Read more »