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A Brief Guide to Transmission Repairs

In order for your vehicle to work properly, it has to have a viable transmission. A vehicle’s transmission carries power from the engine to the drive axle. Some vehicles can have minor transmission problems, while others need an outright replacement. Transmission Fluids The transmission uses fluid, aptly called “transmission fluid,” in order to stay properly… Read more »

Does My Car Have Axle Issues?

Mechanic Fixing Vehicle Axle

Does your car have major axle issues? When axles don’t work, cars don’t run. Specifically, if your axle isn’t functioning at all then your tires won’t move! That said, there could be something wrong with your axle but it isn’t totally broken– just headed in that direction… So what are some signs you might have… Read more »

Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake While Driving?

Steering Wheel Problems

If you notice that something is off with your steering, this is usually a good indication that there is something wrong with your car. If you are experiencing shaking or locking in your steering wheel, don’t ignore it. This can be an indicator that something serious is happening to your car. There are a few… Read more »

4 Tips for Preserving Your Car Engine

Engine Checks in California

The engine is what keeps your vehicle moving! For this reason, it’s crucial to take care of your engine and preserve it well. There are a few parts that work together to help your engine run properly. It’s important to complete routine maintenance to help keep your engine running well and prevent unexpected costly repairs… Read more »

Routine Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Routine Vehicle Checks in California

As we begin a new season, it’s important to conduct routine vehicle maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns. If you notice anything unusual coming from your vehicle, such as shaking, odd smells, or strange sounds, you should always get your car checked by a professional. However, sometimes your vehicle won’t indicate that something is wrong, which… Read more »

Do I Need my Air Conditioner Fixed?

Car Air Conditioning

No one wants to enter their car on the warmest day of the summer to find out that their air conditioning stopped working. If you want to sit comfortably behind the wheel, make sure that your car has a functioning air conditioning system. Luckily, it’s rare for your air conditioning to quit unexpectedly. It will… Read more »

3 Causes of Low Engine Oil

Oil Changes in California

Without engine oil, your car wouldn’t be able to run. If you’re driving and you notice a warning light appear on your car’s dashboard, check to see if it is a sign that indicates low engine oil. If you see a warning light, don’t ignore it. When your oil level is too low, it prevents… Read more »

What Could Be Causing These Common Car Noises?

Car Noises

Over the years, you’ve probably noticed a time or two when your car started to make startling noises. Sometimes, it’s easy to tell where the sound is coming from, but other times, it can be challenging finding the exact spot. If you notice that your vehicle is making an unsettling noise, that’s usually a clear… Read more »

Common Car Breakdowns Due to Warm Weather

Car Breakdowns in the Summer

Car damage doesn’t only happen in the colder winter weather. In fact, it’s very common for cars to experience breakdowns during the warmer spring and summer months. As temperatures start to increase, the heat can cause problems in the engine, battery, tires, brakes, and fluids. No one wants to deal with car troubles, so as… Read more »