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What Does it Mean to ASE Certified?

ASE Certified

Do you need to have a repair made to your vehicle? You should always make sure the automotive technician who works on your car, truck, or SUV is ASE certified. A mechanic who has obtained their Automotive Service Excellence Certification has gone through the proper training when it comes to working on cars and shown… Read more »

Does my Car Need Axel Repairs?

Car axle repairs

The axles in your car, truck, or SUV have a very important job. They’re responsible for taking power from your transmission and transferring it to your wheels so that your vehicle moves forward when you’re driving. If your axles aren’t working properly, it’ll often make it hard for you and your vehicle to move optimally…. Read more »

How Do Know If You Need A New Fuel Filter?

Fuel Filters

I’m sure most of us are all-too-aware that when your car is giving you trouble, there is no shortage of places to look for the problem. Let’s say you hop in your car, put your key in the ignition and turn it over, only to hear that pathetic, disheartening stutter. You rack your brain. Why… Read more »

Why is the Air Conditioning in My Car Not Working?

Air Conditioning Issues

When the air conditioner in your car stops working in the spring or summer, you won’t want to spend any time driving around. Sure, you can try to cool your car off by rolling the windows down. However, that’s not going to cut it when it’s especially humid outside. You’ll need to have your AC… Read more »

What Would Cause Your Transmission to Slip?

Transmission Slipping

Are you experiencing delays in acceleration when you’re driving your car? Do you have difficulty when it comes to shifting gears when you’re behind the wheel? Have you noticed that your RPM jumps to a noticeably higher level as you drive? These are all signs that your transmission is slipping, and there are a few… Read more »

Signs You’re Having Problems With Your Starter

Car Starter Issues

If you turn the key to start your car and nothing happens, you might have a dead battery. However, you might also have a problem with your vehicle’s starter. Your starter is one of the most important parts inside of your car, because if it isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to get your… Read more »

Why Won’t the Air Conditioning in My Car Work?

Car Air Conditioning Systems

There are few things worse than riding around in a hot car in the summertime with an air conditioner that just won’t work. If you find yourself in this predicament right now, there are a few reasons why your AC might be on the fritz. Check out why you might be dealing with air conditioning… Read more »