3 Common Mistakes Drivers Make That Ruin Their Cars

When we decide to purchase our vehicles, we buy them with the intention that we will have them for years. However, as drivers, we develop unhealthy habits that can cause our cars to decline prematurely. Here are some of the common mistakes that drivers make that will cause your care to deteriorate.   

Reckless Driving Behavior

Keeping Your Hand on the Gear Shift

We all have unintentionally rested our hands on the gear shift while driving before. If you notice that you are frequently doing this, it’s time to break that habit! Resting your hand on the gear shift causes the gear shift to press on the shift collar, leading to gear damage and premature wear.

Also, avoid fidgeting with the gear shift by shifting the transmission while the vehicle is running. If you change from drive to reverse, when it’s not needed, you can easily damage the transmission.

Reckless Driving

One of the more common reckless driving habits that drivers have is breaking hard at stop signs and intersections. Braking hard can negatively affect your car and tires. Eventually, your vehicle can develop premature fluid leaks, or you may end up needing brake pad repairs, and rotor replacements.

Drivers should also avoid potholes on the road. Driving over a pothole, especially at a fast speed, will hurt the suspension of the car and can damage the rims of your tires. However, sometimes it’s not always easy to avoid a pothole. If this is the case, slow your speed and avoid driving over it at faster speeds. 

Delaying Tire Replacement

Although tire replacement can be costly, you never want to avoid a necessary replacement, and risk getting into an accident. If your tires are worn down, driving in inclement weather conditions can be dangerous. Driving in these conditions may cause you to hydroplane and slip. Plus, having low wear on your tire causes the rubber to heat up faster, and it makes it easier for you to swerve on the road. If your tire blows, you’re at risk of losing control over the car, becoming a danger to yourself and others.

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