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3 Common Mistakes Drivers Make That Ruin Their Cars

Reckless Driving Behavior

When we decide to purchase our vehicles, we buy them with the intention that we will have them for years. However, as drivers, we develop unhealthy habits that can cause our cars to decline prematurely. Here are some of the common mistakes that drivers make that will cause your care to deteriorate.    Keeping Your… Read more »

Putting It In Drive: Differences Between 2-Wheel, 4-Wheel and All-Wheel

Four-Wheel Drive

Most people have heard the terms “two-wheel drive,” “four-wheel drive,” and “all-wheel drive” when shopping for vehicles, but the average driver probably doesn’t know exactly the differences between each of these types of drive. It’s important to learn more about the mechanical differences between each of them, though, because each type of vehicle will need… Read more »

Key to Not Getting a Ticket? Fully Functioning Equipment

Everyone hates that dreaded moment when you are driving along and suddenly you notice lights flashing in your rearview mirror. You see the cop car and realize you are getting pulled over. Sometimes you know immediately why the cop is stopping you and other times it is less obvious. If you weren’t speeding or tailgating,… Read more »

Five Things to Check Before You Tow

With summer approaching, many people are making plans for vacations and weekend getaways, and many people will be hauling a camper, boat or other trailer with them. Before you hit the road, let’s review what you need to know before you tow. Hitch There are several different classes of trailer hitch, ranging from Class 1… Read more »

Avoiding Summer Tire Failures

With summer rapidly approaching, Americans across the country will be filing into their vehicles for vacations, road trips and sightseeing drives. These can end abruptly, though, due to issues on the road, like tire failures. Make sure that you get where you’re going by following these tips to avoid potential tire blowouts. Inflate Correctly Before… Read more »

Carpooling Safety Tips

It is that time of the ear where you start the back to school shopping. Then you start the shopping for the back to school party you will throw for yourself as a parent. Congratulations, you have made it through another summer and you have earned some R and R until the sports and club… Read more »