Signs Your Transmission Is Going Bad

Vehicle Transmission Transmission problems are one issue that no vehicle owner wants to experience. The transmission and engine are usually the two most expensive components to fail on a vehicle, so either one is bad news. Still, not all transmission repairs are expensive and early diagnosis can sometimes save you thousands of dollars in additional costs. These are a few signs that your transmission is going bad and should be inspected by a qualified mechanic.


A transmission is not supposed to leak fluid, so at any sign of leakage the vehicle should be inspected. Transmissions require the proper level of the specified fluid to operate, and driving the vehicle while the fluid is low may result in expensive damage to the transmission. A transmission fluid leak is usually  easy to identify as the fluid is bright red in color (or dark red if it needs to be changed).

Rough shifting

Modern, automatic transmissions should shift smoothly. A transmission that is shifting roughly between gears, or that is making noise when it shifts, is showing signs of trouble and should be inspected by a mechanic as soon as possible.

Slow engagement

The transmission should immediately engage when you put it in gear. A transmission that is slow to engage in either drive or reverse is showing signs of failure. When a transmission is engaging slowly you may have to wait several seconds after putting it in gear before you can drive.


A transmission that is slipping is also showing signs of going bad. Slipping may be evidenced by a lack of acceleration, or by the sound of the engine suddenly growing louder as you are driving at a steady speed. Slipping is yet another sign that a transmission may be about to fail.

Transmission repair or replacement is often an expensive repair, but sometime an early diagnosis and repair can prevent complete failure and save you a lot of money. Any time your transmission is showing signs of trouble you should have it inspected by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

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3 Responses to “Signs Your Transmission Is Going Bad”

  1. Finley Moreira

    I noticed that my car has been having a hard time when shifting. It generally is accompanied by a lot of noise too, almost as if something is grinding. I’ll definitely take your advice and have it inspected by a mechanic as soon as possible.

  2. Dan Moller

    Leaks, almost always, aren’t a good sign of your car’s health so it’s always good to take note of suspicious leaks from your car’s engine. My dad gave me his old Mazda, which I noticed has been sprouting an oily leak whenever I leave the engine running. I’ll be sure to check the transmission fluids and have it checked by a mechanic to make sure that everything is in place and so I can avoid further damage to my car.

  3. Earnest Watkins

    It’s good to know that transmission fluid is a bright red color. My car was leaking some fluid the other day and it had me a little worried. I’ll go back and check the color to see if I need to take it into the shop for repairs.


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