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Signs Your Transmission Is Going Bad

Vehicle Transmission

Transmission problems are one issue that no vehicle owner wants to experience. The transmission and engine are usually the two most expensive components to fail on a vehicle, so either one is bad news. Still, not all transmission repairs are expensive and early diagnosis can sometimes save you thousands of dollars in additional costs. These… Read more »

What Does a Check Engine Light Indicate?

If you’re like most people, you dread seeing certain “lights” come on when you’re sitting in your vehicle. For instance, there’s that darn “check engine light,” which really doesn’t tell you much, except that you should probably take the vehicle to a mechanic and have them check the engine. Vehicles today have an “onboard diagnostics… Read more »

Understanding Electrical: Batteries, Spark Plugs, Alternators and Starters

Alternator in an Engine

Modern automobiles are technological marvels, and most new vehicles will run reliably for many years, provided they receive routine maintenance. With all of the new technology in cars today, there are many more wires – and more sophisticated systems – included in a vehicle. It is easy to take these complex electrical parts of your… Read more »

Car Myths that People Still Believe

Even though people have been driving for decades now, that doesn’t mean that people know everything there is to know about their cars. Here are a few that are just totally wrong!   –A manual transmission will give you better gas mileage automatic transmissions. While this was true at one point, this is no longer… Read more »