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Signs Your Transmission Is Going Bad

Vehicle Transmission

Transmission problems are one issue that no vehicle owner wants to experience. The transmission and engine are usually the two most expensive components to fail on a vehicle, so either one is bad news. Still, not all transmission repairs are expensive and early diagnosis can sometimes save you thousands of dollars in additional costs. These… Read more »

Custom Fabrication for Your Custom Vehicle

Do you have a custom vehicle that you have spent years working on to get it exactly the way you want it? Then you might be a little bit apprehensive about handing the keys to it over to an auto repair shop, and rightfully so! If you hand those keys over to the wrong shop,… Read more »

Understanding Electrical: Batteries, Spark Plugs, Alternators and Starters

Alternator in an Engine

Modern automobiles are technological marvels, and most new vehicles will run reliably for many years, provided they receive routine maintenance. With all of the new technology in cars today, there are many more wires – and more sophisticated systems – included in a vehicle. It is easy to take these complex electrical parts of your… Read more »

Know the Different Signs of a Bad Differential

You might not know a whole lot about the differential located inside of your vehicle, but it’s actually one of the most important components of your car or truck. The differential allows your vehicle to drive smoothly when you’re making a turn or maneuvering on the road. The differential is a gearbox positioned on your… Read more »

Belts and Hoses under Your Hood

Your vehicle has many parts that are essential to it functioning properly. Some of these parts may look simple to the naked eye but when they fail they can have some serious consequences. Your Timing Belt for instance; this belt makes sure your motor is running in time. That means all the parts are working… Read more »

ABS Lights FAQ

Most modern cars have an ABS system in them or Anti-Locking Brake System. These systems were originally designed for aircrafts to help them get grip when they landed on wet runways. These systems were soon integrated in cars to also provide grip when needed. ABS varies pressure to each tire to give the maximum stopping… Read more »

How Do My Airbags Work?

For a long time, the only form of protection that was in your car was your seat belt. However, since then technology has advanced and we now have both seat belts and air bags in order to protect us in the event of a possible crash. But how exactly do they work?   Lets go… Read more »