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Most Durable Vehicles List Released

A vehicle is a huge investment, so it’s understandable that when we decide on one, we hope it will last us a while. Not all automobiles are made equal, though, and many will fail us before we would like them to. However, there is good news – a list just released by highlights a… Read more »

Incentive Introduced For California Electric Car Owners

  California drivers always look for ways to cut down on their commutes to work.  They realize the importance of saving money, and they certainly want to have a positive impact on the future of the planet.  Not surprisingly, California leads the nation in hybrid vehicle sales and ownership.  The next wave of green vehicle… Read more »

Early 2013 Auto Growth Predictions

The calendar year has turned a new leaf meaning analysts are already making predictions for 2013. After GM finished 2012 with about 18% percent of the market share, they look to remain in the top spot with the same percentage, their lowest since Alfred P. Sloan first year running the company, and lowest since 1934…. Read more »