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Five Things to Check Before You Tow

With summer approaching, many people are making plans for vacations and weekend getaways, and many people will be hauling a camper, boat or other trailer with them. Before you hit the road, let’s review what you need to know before you tow. Hitch There are several different classes of trailer hitch, ranging from Class 1… Read more »

What is a Car Tune up?

car tune up

Cars have changed drastically in the years since the term “car tune up” was coined. It used to mean the mechanic would go through your vehicle and make small adjustments to ensure your vehicle was operating properly. Sometimes just regular vehicle use would make belts shift or bolts move and they just needed to be… Read more »

Proper Maintenance And Auto Care Keeps Car On Road For Average Of 11 Years

New studies from Polk Research shows the average vehicle has been on the road for 11 years.  Stretching out your vehicle’s life that long absolutely helps you save money in the end, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. In an article posted on a Chicago news station website, they commented on how keeping your vehicle… Read more »