Signs of a Bad Alternator

What do you know about alternator services? If you’re like most people, you read that sentence and asked, “What’s an alternator?” Alternator Overview An alternator is a part of a vehicle that controls its electrical functions. So, if your alternator works well, your headlights and radio work, for example. If your alternator isn’t working well,… Read more »

A Brief Guide to Transmission Repairs

In order for your vehicle to work properly, it has to have a viable transmission. A vehicle’s transmission carries power from the engine to the drive axle. Some vehicles can have minor transmission problems, while others need an outright replacement. Transmission Fluids The transmission uses fluid, aptly called “transmission fluid,” in order to stay properly… Read more »

Does My Car Have Axle Issues?

Does your car have major axle issues? When axles don’t work, cars don’t run. Specifically, if your axle isn’t functioning at all then your tires won’t move! That said, there could be something wrong with your axle but it isn’t totally broken– just headed in that direction… So what are some signs you might have… Read more »

Is It Time for a New Car? Here are 4 Signs that Will Help You Decide!

When you invest in a new vehicle, there is always a little hope that it will last forever. However, over time, even the sturdiest vehicles will eventually wear out and become impossible to drive. To help you decide if you’re ready to purchase a new car, here are some signs that may encourage you to… Read more »

5 Spring Cleaning Tasks for Your Car

Winter is officially starting to wind down across the country, and the warm spring and summer temperatures are starting to rise. People love to spring clean during this time of the year to get organized and inspect areas that may not have received enough attention during the winter months. Because your car goes through a… Read more »

Why Is My Car Overheating?

There is no worse feeling than hopping into your vehicle for a road trip and realizing that there is something wrong with your engine. If you notice smoke coming from your engine, this is a pretty good indication that your car is overheating.  There are many reasons why your car can overheat. However, it’s typically… Read more »

What Causes Engine Oil Leaks? Here Is Everything You Need to Know!

Your car’s fluids play a key role in ensuring that your car runs smoothly and safely on the road. If you notice brown or yellow liquid spots underneath your vehicle after parking, this is a good indication that there is some car fluid leaking. You may also notice smoke coming from underneath the hood of… Read more »

6 Tips for Preparing Your Car for a Long Road Trip This Holiday Season

It’s almost the holiday season, which means more vehicles will be out on the road. During the Coronavirus pandemic, families prefer to take road trips over flying. Before you leave for your trip, make sure your car is in the best condition to protect your vehicle, passengers, and other drivers on the road. Although car… Read more »

Did You Know That the Rain Can Negatively Affect Your Vehicle?

On a rainy day, most people breathe a sigh a relief, thinking that the rain will wash off their car and make it clean. However, rain surprisingly does way more harm than good to your vehicle. If you’re a car owner, you should know the repercussions of leaving your car out in the rain. Here… Read more »

Why Is Your Car Giving You Trouble Starting?

Imagine this. You’re sliding into your car, getting ready to start your vehicle, and your car won’t start. How frustrating! There are quite a few reasons as to why your car won’t start. Don’t mess around with your car, trying to get it to start yourself. Instead, contact a professional, and let them take care… Read more »