Why Did My Check Engine Light Come On?

Is your vehicle’s check engine light on? Why might that be? There are several reasons ranging from you have a loose gas cap to major problems with your engine. Ideally, you should bring your vehicle to a professional repair shop like AV Bumper to Bumper in Lancaster, CA, to have it checked and see what’s… Read more »

Does My Car Have a Wheel Bearing Issue?

If you have bad wheel bearings and you don’t replace them in time, something terrible could happen: your vehicle’s tire/wheel could break off, sending your vehicle out-of-control, causing a fatal accident. Yikes! An Overview of Wheel Bearings So what are wheel bearings? They’re basically components of a vehicle’s breaking, steering and suspension systems. They allow… Read more »

Signs of a Bad Driveshaft

A vehicle’s driveshaft has a purpose– to transmit torque (a twisting force produced by the engine) to the wheels of the vehicle. The driveshaft is essentially the shaft that drives a vehicle, so it’s a critical component of any car or truck. How would you know if you might have a bad driveshaft? What are… Read more »

Does My Car Need a Coolant Flush?

What do you know about car coolant? Also known as antifreeze, car coolant is a special fluid that runs through your engine to help it maintain a correct operating temperature range. It’s made from either ethylene glycol or propylene, along with water and some protective additives. Color-wise, it’s usually green, blue or pink in color…. Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Your Vehicle’s Brake System

So what should vehicle owners know about their brakes? Well, the short answer is this: if your brakes aren’t working, you’re in trouble! Obviously, cars need brakes to work well, in order to slow down and stop. Without brakes, there’d be plenty of crashes. Technical Aspects of Brakes What about some of the technical aspects… Read more »