Do Snow Tires Really Make a Difference?

Snow or winter tires make all the difference in the world when it comes to efficient handling and control for your car throughout the cold season. Ask anyone from the northern part of the country and they’ll tell you riding on low-tread tires in slick conditions not only takes a certain skill level, but it… Read more »

The Toyota Difference, From the Ground Up

We all know how reliable Toyota cars and trucks are. They have the best reputation on the road for longevity, reliability and, subsequently, resale value. But just what makes these cars so reliable? What is it exactly that puts Toyota ahead of the rest on so many levels? To understand how Toyota engineering evolved into… Read more »

American Pickup Truck Battle Heating Up

As you probably well know, Chevy and Ford pickup drivers have been as divided as any age-old dispute could be. And with Dodge forever playing the middle ground, there is fewer more traditional American feuds as iconic as this dynamic. But the current is shifting, according to recent trend analysis. Traditionally America’s top selling pickup,… Read more »

What Do You Have Riding on Your Tires?

Tire tread is imperative to automobile traction, which could mean all the difference between getting in a car accident and avoiding disaster. But as a car owner, you also know tires aren’t cheap. Maintaining them will obviously help the tread on them last longer and protect everything you have riding on them. Tread is there… Read more »

What Built LA a Blueprint for Young Cities

The automobile built LA. The basis for such an immense, sprawling metro area, cars and the complex networks of freeways are the heart and soul of this incredible city. The means residents navigate the Greater Los Angeles is area is unlike any other in the entire world. The southern California love affair with the automobile… Read more »

Auto Maintenance Not One Size Fits All

Cars are increasingly intelligent, year after year. There are so many mechanical monitors and computers used to ensure automobile functionality and smooth operation, mechanics who retired 20 years ago would need a lot of new tools, and probably a repair tutorial. With these advancements, home auto maintenance is increasingly daunting. But they also make our… Read more »

Top Benefits of Driving a Stick Shift

There are two different types of drivers; those who only drive automatic and those who only drive stick shift. You probably have a few friends who will just drive stick shift yourself. But what’s the appeal? Longevity Because manual transmissions have more gears than automatics (upwards of 6 compared to only 4) there is much… Read more »

Troubleshooting Power Window Problems

You wake up in the morning and as per your routine, you hop in the car roll down the window and enjoy the morning smells. Well not this morning! Your window didn’t roll down as expected. This could be a wide variety of problems but we will walk you through the easiest ways to try… Read more »

What is a Car Tune up?

Cars have changed drastically in the years since the term “car tune up” was coined. It used to mean the mechanic would go through your vehicle and make small adjustments to ensure your vehicle was operating properly. Sometimes just regular vehicle use would make belts shift or bolts move and they just needed to be… Read more »

Belts and Hoses under Your Hood

Your vehicle has many parts that are essential to it functioning properly. Some of these parts may look simple to the naked eye but when they fail they can have some serious consequences. Your Timing Belt for instance; this belt makes sure your motor is running in time. That means all the parts are working… Read more »