Electric Vehicles Efficiency not Unconditional

Electric vehicles are incredibly efficient and ecofriendly, with capabilities of traveling hundreds of miles without need a charge. They even require exponentially less maintenance than traditional combustion engines. More importantly, they are incredibly ecologically friendly, not emitting harmful CO2 into the atmosphere. Electric motors are a great alternative to gas vehicles and a great answer… Read more »

Vehicle Safety is Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Bald tires are incredibly dangerous. Bald tires are the reason for thousands of accidents every year. These are very preventable incidents whereby prevention only starts with you, the driver. If you cannot afford to maintain the safety of your vehicle, you should not be driving it.   There is a 26% accident rate for cars… Read more »

Do These Things So Your Windshield Wipers Wear Well

The importance and effectiveness of windshield wipers are often overlooked, but the proper care of this car part is crucial to safe driving. Also, making you’re your windshield wipers wear well can save you a lot of grief, aggravation, time and money along the way. Here’s 4 ways to make this happen. Make it a… Read more »

Basic Car Maintenance Tips for the Frugal

We all know how important it is to keep your oil changed every 3-5,000 miles when it comes to maintaining the longevity of your car. There is so much more you need to do to not only improve your engine and handling performance, but also drive down your maintenance and regular cost.   Tire Rotation… Read more »

The Evolution of the Auto Body Frame

Automobiles were always built on a traditional body-on-frame model. That is, the two components were designed and built separately before being fused, welded and bolted together. This design was the widely accepted design concept for over 100 years, until the advent of unibody frame construction. Through the early days of the automobile, frames were constructed… Read more »