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Buckle Up – All About Car Belts (and Hoses)

Seat belts are a very important part of your car – they keep you and your family safe and secure in the event of an accident. But seat belts aren’t the only vital belts that you’ll find in your car. If you pop the hood, you’ll see a couple other very important belts that keep… Read more »

Belts and Hoses under Your Hood

Your vehicle has many parts that are essential to it functioning properly. Some of these parts may look simple to the naked eye but when they fail they can have some serious consequences. Your Timing Belt for instance; this belt makes sure your motor is running in time. That means all the parts are working… Read more »

How Does Your Car’s Air Conditioning Work?

Air conditioning has become universal in new cars. It is important to know how this facet of your car works because when it is no longer working in your car, you are going to notice very quickly. Automotive AC was invented all the way back in 1939.  It didn’t have a thermostat, but it was… Read more »

Foreign vs. Domestic Car Repairs

  The world is changing fast, with the global economy becoming more complex every day. Along with that change, many old truths about the manufacturing of products are now becoming misconceptions. The auto industry is no exception. Shifts in the manufacturing sector are reigniting the old debate about the relative value of foreign and domestic… Read more »

When is it Time to Service Your Brakes?

Even with all the modern safety features being added to automobiles, the fact remains that nothing is more important than your cars ability to stop. Fortunately, brakes don’t simply stop working the moment they need to be replaced. There are warning signs that let you know when it’s time to get service rather than doing… Read more »

Taking Care of Transmission Repairs

One of the most daunting maintenance and repair issues for vehicle owners is the transmission.  Transmission repairs are the cause of a lot of anxiety for people, mainly because of the possible repercussions of not having any problems resolved. The transmission is a major component of the vehicle. They have many parts and, of course,… Read more »