Helping Make Lancaster, CA A Renewable Landmark

Lancaster, CA may not automatically strike people as the green capital of the United States, but the city and surrounding area is doing what we can to make sure we create a sustainable environment. Lancaster is known for its time in the sun, as one of the sunniest cities in the country, and therefore officials… Read more »

Signs you need your windshield wipers replaced

If you can’t see where you’re going, there’s going to be trouble. Your vehicle’s windshield wipers need to be in good condition at all times if you’re to avoid accidents. How do you know when it’s time to replace your windshield wipers? Generally, they should be replaced every six to twelve months, depending on how… Read more »

Major Car Company’s Recalls; Reminds Car Owners About the Importance of Brake Maintenance and Repair

Getting behind the wheel of any vehicle is never to be taken lightly. Driving cautiously and defensively is key to a safe and enjoyable driving experience every time. One of the most important factors of a safe driving experience is the maintenance and overall condition of the vehicle itself. It is crucial before attempting to… Read more »

Taking Care of Transmission Repairs

One of the most daunting maintenance and repair issues for vehicle owners is the transmission.  Transmission repairs are the cause of a lot of anxiety for people, mainly because of the possible repercussions of not having any problems resolved. The transmission is a major component of the vehicle. They have many parts and, of course,… Read more »

Car Maintenance and Mechanics Work To Save Your Beloved Vehicle

Sometimes we come across a car we love, and we don’t want to give it up. Even after its been through hell, we don’t want to give it up. Some owners would rather keep their vehicles they’ve had for 10-15 years instead of ditching them for a new car. For some people, their car is… Read more »

The Dangers Of Neglecting Your Car Maintenance

We’ve all been in the situation where you know you have to get your car fixed, but you out it off completely and eventually forget. It hangs over us, always coming back into our heads when we get in the car.  You see the reminder your 2000 miles over due for an oil change.  The… Read more »

Spring Clean-Up: Not Just for Houses Anymore

Spring clean-up time is not just for houses. After long winter seasons of packing everything into your car you might need for break-downs and rough weather, cars need cleaning, organizing, and tuning up, more than anything. The latter half of the year season can be difficult on your vehicle. In the fall and winter, you… Read more »

Proper Maintenance And Auto Care Keeps Car On Road For Average Of 11 Years

New studies from Polk Research shows the average vehicle has been on the road for 11 years.  Stretching out your vehicle’s life that long absolutely helps you save money in the end, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. In an article posted on a Chicago news station website, they commented on how keeping your vehicle… Read more »

Post-Holiday Auto Checkup and Brake Service

The holidays are over, and traveling every weekend or making long distance trips has finally started to slow down.  Now is the time to bring in your car or truck for a checkup and brake service.  After putting extra miles on the car and traveling so much, you may have missed a service date or… Read more »

Incentive Introduced For California Electric Car Owners

  California drivers always look for ways to cut down on their commutes to work.  They realize the importance of saving money, and they certainly want to have a positive impact on the future of the planet.  Not surprisingly, California leads the nation in hybrid vehicle sales and ownership.  The next wave of green vehicle… Read more »